What We Look For:

  • Stable job and residence
  • Minimum of 20% down
  • Reliable, bondable professional independent used car dealers
  • It is very important that there is trust and respect between the dealer and the finance company or the relationship will be terminated promptly.
  • Dealer application must be filled out and approved before the funding of any deal. THIS IS REQUIRED BY NYS BANKING DEPT.

What We Require:

  • Proof of income as stated on application (JFC does approve deals with out proof of income on a case by case basis)
  • Proof of residence – phone bill, utility bill, or cable bill
  • Five personal references filled out completely
  • Tracking devices (on most vehicles)

Dealer Must Supply:

  • Contracts filled out with correct calculations
  • Required signatures in the proper places
  • Original credit applications (no photo copies)
  • For deals including co-makers or co-buyers, a disclosure form must be filled out and signed
  • All requested stipulations
  • Signed addendum acknowledging tracking device installation
  • A copy of all applicants drivers licenses
  • A copy of the Bill of Sale (which states total sale price, down payment and amount financed)
  • A copy of title, MV50 and MV82 showing Jamaica Finance Company as lienholder:

    Jamaica Finance Company
    13810 Hillside Avenue
    Jamaica, NY, 11435
    Lien # 66770


  • We Finance Commercial and Livery Vehicles
  • TMU and Salvage Vehicles
  • Older Vehicles
  • No Proof of Income
  • Equity Deals
  • Credit Problems
  • No Credit
  • 1st Time Buyers
  • No Full-Coverage Insurance Required
  • No Binders